GSN Digital launches Wheel of Fortune Bingo


Game based on popular TV show becomes the second bingo title to be launched this year.

GSN Digital has launched Wheel of Fortune Bingo, a social casino title based on the popular daytime TV gameshow.

The game sees players spin the wheel, which drops yellow bingo balls, pink wilds, allowing players to mark off any number on their card, and orange letter balls, which help solve a word puzzle. For each correct letter, tokens are added to the puzzle bank, allowing players to win the amount accumulated by completing the word, while a bingo gives them the chance to spin the wheel once again to randomly determine the value of their win.

The game is currently available on, and is soon to be added to the Games by GSN Facebook app, alongside existing titles based on the gameshow including the original Wheel of Fortune game and Wheel of Fortune Slots.

“Our millions of Wheel of Fortunes Slots fans have taken over 38 billion spins, proving that Wheel of Fortune content is in high demand,” executive vice president, mobile and social games for GSN Digital Jeff Karp explained.

“Wheel of Fortune BINGO is our answer to player demand for new Wheel of Fortune content as well as new game offerings. We’re excited to engage players by layering familiar Wheel of Fortune game show experiences with the popularity of Bingo.”

Wheel of Fortune Bingo becomes the second new bingo title launched by GSN this year, following ChaChingo Bingo, an update of its Bingo Blitz title – not to be confused with the Buffalo Studios app of the same name – which went live in late January.

The gameshow originally launched in 1975 in the United States, running for 16 years, and has been syndicated around the world, with a UK version presented by the likes of Nicky Campbell and John Leslie running from 1988 to 2001.

GSN launches ChaChingo Bingo


Updated version of GSN’s Bingo Blitz sweepstakes game features hourly prize draws.

GSN Digital has announced the launch of ChaChingo Bingo, a redeveloped version of its Bingo Blitz product, allowing players to win a jackpot of up to US$5,000.

ChaChingo Bingo features hourly sweepstake draws, with a starting prize pot of $1,500, with the amount increasing by $50 each time players fail to win the jackpot. Players are also awarded with GSN’s virtual currency Oodles, and Tokens, which are used to play the operator’s social casino titles, for matching at least one number in the prize draw.

The game is an updated version of its Bingo Blitz title –unrelated to the app developed by the Caesars-owned Buffalo Studios – which allowed players to enter a daily sweepstake draw. Commenting on the launch, Jeff Karp, who joined as executive vice president of mobile and social games in September last year, said:

“Following the success of Bingo Blitz, we saw an opportunity to bring a new energy and excitement to Bingo with more chances to win.

“Players come to GSN to have fun and experience the thrill of winning, and GSN ChaChingo Bingo offers them the opportunity to win cash without spending a dime in the process,” Karp added.